Precision aerobatics is carried into communities throughout the world by over 40 IAC chapters. To find one near you, visit the EAA chapter locater or scroll down where you can find the list of Canadian chapters.

Chapters vary in size and events and are led by a group of elected officers. Not all members are competition pilots, some are private pilots and some are simply aerobatic enthusiasts and that’s what brings us all together. Members meet at least once a month formally as a chapter or informally at airport gatherings to share their friendship and knowledge and to organize activities such as regional aerobatic contests, competition practice days, aerobatic instructional seminars, and social gatherings.

You do not have to be an aerobatic pilot to enjoy the benefits of belonging to a Chapter. Your fellow Chapter members can be a great support group extending their knowledge of aerobatics to assist general aviation pilots in understanding how to become a safer pilot, how to handle emergency flight situations and unusual aircraft attitudes. In addition, many friends of aviation and aerobatic enthusiasts are needed to help organize Chapter activities and are extremely valuable as support staff at the regional contests. 

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Chapter 2 – Quebec

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Chapter 5 – National Capital 

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Chapter 6 – Manitoba

New Chapter coming soon

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Chapter 8 – British Columbia 

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