Gords Notes on Border Crossing

Special Notes for Canadians crossing the border:

For those who haven’t crossed the border lately, there are some requirements to complete before departure:

You need to register with the TSA to obtain a username and password to be able to access the e-apis website.


This can take a couple of days (at least it did for me) so you might want to get that started before the contest gets too close…..

There is an on-line tutorial on filling out the e-apis forms, as well as a printable guide (I have included the links below)


I have heard varying stories, some say you have to apply at least 24 hours before departure, others say as long as you get the confirmation e-amil, you are good to go…..

Filling out the e-apis does NOT contact customs. You must still notify the local customs office your expected arrival time.

For those flying aircraft with experimental certificates…you need a Special Flight Authorization, and have to print a copy (and carry on
board) the following document:


Private aircraft crossing the border between Canada and the United States must conform to the following basic requirements:
Submit an eAPIS notice
File and activate a flight plan.
Squawk a unique transponder code (unless you obtain a waiver)
Be in radio contact with a controlling agency (FAA or NAV CANADA)
If you are departing from or landing in the US, file an electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) Notice and receive an email approval to enter or leave the United States.
Contact US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents directly at least two hours before arriving in the US in order or CANPASS (1-888-CAN-PASS) at least tow hours before arriving in Canada to arrange for inspection.

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