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It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Grant McKay, one of the founding members of the Alberta Aerobatic Club and the mastermind behind Canada hosting the 1988 World Aerobatic Championship (WAC88).

He and Bob Petryk built the first Christen Eagle in Canada (C-GMBP) and were the enthusiasts and the life of the party at the many competitions they attended in the Pacific Northwest.

see https://cypressfuneral.ca/obituaries/david-grant-mckay

2024 Contest / Event Schedule

  • Flagstaff Flyers Regional Contest July 13-14, CEK6
  • Practice Day, June 22, CEG4 – Drumheller
  • Judging School in Calgary April 13, 14, 8am-4pm. Calgary Flying Club
  • Steinbach Contest Aug 24-25, CJB3
  • Rocky Mountain House Contest Aug 31 – Sept 1, CYRM

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